If Mauricette Toussaint has chosen abstract painting, it might be a feedback to her way of modelling clay which may sometimes appear constraining.
"I know where I’m going when I start a sculpture, she says, but when I start a painting, I am unaware of what I will do. I enjoy the words of Soulages : It is what I  am doing that teaches me what I’m looking for. "
The act of painting is something spontaneous, free, more than sculpting, faster too. She faces the painting « bodily » and then comes the time when everything is being expurgated. It is necessary to work through masses of possible paintings before getting eventually to the one she thinks is the right one (at least for a while).
She will only be guided by her eyes and her emotions. “I feel as though I were the instrument of something larger, a go-between, as if I was not the person holding the brush.” But one will find no message in her painting. “I leave messages to prophets and postmen”, Soulages (again) said. Painting can do without words. Its language is accessible to all. It thrives in silence.
There are no messages, but emotion is overwhelming. Mauricette Toussaint feels a permanent need to be moved; a need to feel in a fusional harmony with her painting.



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