Mauricette TOUSSAINT

Mauricette Toussaint was born in Anjou (Loire valley) in 1948.
Away from the traditional beaten tracks, she went through the byway of self-taught artists.
In 1977, she tries her hand at woodcarving, but after practising for five years, she realizes this skill no longer fulfills her expectations. Something essential is becoming obvious : her hands are attracted to clay. The practice of modelling discloses a new sensuality of gestures : passionate hands blending into living clay.
Since 1982, Mauricette Toussaint never ceased exploring the fullness of this material. She works without any model. Her sculptures emerge from inner visualization. A search for life through all its phases. Mainly women, with bountiful curves, but also a few men, happy into fatherhood. Her work is maternal and fruitful,  filled with a breath of tenderness, a whiff of humour, teasing, and more serious instants, longing for unity.
Yet, one fine day, she found something was missing : colour. This observation moves her to explore new territories. She elects mixed techniques, acrylic and collage, which enable her to explore the potential of the matter on canvas. The feeling of structure is still there, but with no reference to the cold geometry of abstraction.
Mauricette Toussaint does not know what she seeks, she only knows when she has found. She leaves the door open for the unexpected, without resistance, to welcome  all the opportunities. She greets all the lines drawn by chance, responding to impulses which obey no rule. Her hands trust instinct.
Light however is a keyword to her creations. A light which does not burn from the outside, but which emanates from the core of the painting.
True to herself, consistently in harmony with her sculptures, she keeps searching for a state of ever purer simplification, which offers different outlooks, depending on who is the onlooker, who is invited to step into the canvas to share emotions which are endlessly renewed.

Mauricette Toussaint who had many exhibitions in France and abroad, goes her own way. « I love life », she says with a smile. And it is exactly  what emanates from each of her sculptures and her paintings.

           Françoise Deroubaix



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